Where it all started.

Since we introduced the first commercial pressure fryer in 1957, Henny Penny has built a reputation for designing and engineering the industry’s premier pressure fryers and open fryers, like the oil-saving Evolution Elite® and Velocity Series™ with automatic filtration. Frying is at the core of what we do — and we’re proud to support the frying programs of the some of the largest global foodservice chains in the world.

Behind that world-class support is world-class equipment. Our pressure and open fryers are built to help operators control costs, save time and serve the highest quality food.

Discover what sets Henny Penny fryers apart from the rest:

We offer a full complement of open and pressure fryers in multiples sizes and configurations for every frying application.
Built-in filtration is standard on every Henny Penny pressure fryer.
Heavy duty fry vats and fry pots pots are manufactured with high grade stainless steel and backed by a 7-year warranty.
In-house product life cycle testing simulates all climates and conditions levels. Plus, 100% of our fryers are tested for operational integrity before shipping.
From vat size to control features, every aspect of fryer design is engineered to balance oil savings, performance and cost.
The combined savings from faster cook times and temperature recovery, more efficient use of labor, decreased downtime and lower energy bills can result in ROI of 1-2 years.

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